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JP-H02131014-A: Suppression circuit for current rushing to gate of semiconductor element patent, JP-H02132527-A: Fault processor for electronic equipment patent, JP-H02145475-A: Colored zirconia ceramics patent, JP-H02146001-A: Production of color display material and color filter patent, JP-H02155730-A: Abrasion-resistant decorative board and its manufacture patent, JP-H02165726-A: A/d conversion circuit adding bias on input patent, JP-H02166055-A: Plastic cap patent, JP-H02174874-A: Pinball machine patent, JP-H02177133-A: Optical disk device patent, JP-H02180085-A: Semiconductor laser element and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H02188309-A: Conveyer chain patent, JP-H02203120-A: Gas cooking device patent, JP-H02204113-A: Mounting of suspension patent, JP-H02216476-A: Structure of jig for in-circuit tester patent, JP-H02218945-A: Method of discriminating surface and rear of monocrystal plate by x-ray diffraction patent, JP-H02241802-A: Pneumatic radial tire patent, JP-H02247596-A: Fast breeder patent, JP-H02249936-A: Capacity type pressure sensor patent, JP-H02253727-A: Diversity reception circuit patent, JP-H02254030-A: Rear-end collision warning device patent, JP-H02254209-A: Recombustion device for decomposing and reducing nox patent, JP-H02254237-A: Method and device for conveying drainage from air conditioner patent, JP-H02257383-A: Vending machine patent, JP-H02262693-A: Display device patent, JP-H0227466-A: Interruption control system patent, JP-H02276015-A: State detector and magnetic recording/reproducing device patent, JP-H02277765-A: Production of alkali metal diffusion preventing layer patent, JP-H02280472-A: Video camera patent, JP-H02292759-A: Magneto-optical recording and reproducing method patent, JP-H02297008-A: Optical measuring method for thickness of opaque thin film patent, JP-H02300469-A: Housing device for article patent, JP-H0233234-A: Error propagation compensation method patent, JP-H0238838-A: Measuring apparatus for test piece patent, JP-H0241153-A: Artificial joint patent, JP-H0244159-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-H0244869-A: Still video camera patent, JP-H0245470-A: Preparation of cycloalkeno(b)pyridine derivative patent, JP-H0249779-A: Production of high-purity hematein patent, JP-H0257542-A: Stretched polyester bottle patent, JP-H0259798-A: Key mechanism for wind instrument patent, JP-H02652-A: Aqueous composition containing phenol resin patent, US-516224-A: Apparatus for playing duplicate whist patent, JP-H028589-A: Pipe coupling device patent, JP-H028688-A: Heat exchanging system in tunnel type kiln patent, JP-H0293404-A: Surface colored body and production thereof patent, JP-H0294364-A: Electrode for oxygen electrode reaction and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H0294543-A: Modification of design of integrated circuit layout patent, JP-H0298573-A: Holding jig of chip-type electronic part and method for handling patent, JP-H0299835-A: Solar radiation sensor patent, JP-H03117756-A: Rack and pinion mechanism patent, JP-H03125506-A: Dynamic range magnification device for detection circuit patent, JP-H03150095-A: Offset correction circuit of pwm inverter patent, JP-H03162315-A: Cap feeder patent, JP-H03162324-A: Sheet feed device patent, JP-H03163208-A: Tightening tool and tightening method patent, JP-H03176933-A: Surface treating method of panel face for cathode-ray tube and device thereof patent, JP-H03177698-A: Material body holder for pipe passage and covering body for water sealing patent, JP-H03191070-A: Electroless plating bath patent, JP-H03199824-A: Electric heater apparatus patent, JP-H0320893-A: Illumination controller of automatic vending machine patent, JP-H03224189-A: Tape recorder patent, JP-H03230347-A: Start/end terminal detector for tape recorder patent, JP-H03234274-A: Slot machine patent, JP-H03243971-A: Developing device for electrophotographic copying device patent, JP-H03249078-A: Inspection device for elevator display lamp patent, JP-H03253774-A: Axial plunger pump patent, JP-H03256742-A: Manufacture of resin laminate coated metal sheet patent, JP-H03260662-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H03263247-A: Data managing system patent, JP-H03273423-A: Disk driving device patent, JP-H03289315-A: Electric connection box patent, JP-H03293010-A: Dust collector patent, JP-H03294671-A: Rotary type compressor patent, JP-H0335320-A: Flow chart display device patent, JP-H033734-A: Parts assembling device patent, JP-H0339701-A: Display with diffraction grating pattern patent, JP-H0342176-A: Method for bonding by diffusion of metal alloy powder patent, JP-H0348899-A: Musical tone synthesizer patent, JP-H03503501-A: patent, JP-H036024-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0360404-A: Production of oxide superconductor patent, JP-H0374279-A: Auxiliary steering device of vehicle patent, JP-H0377422-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H0387320-A: Manufacture of ultra high-strength cold rolled steel sheet having excellent baking hardenability in paint patent, JP-H0397294-A: Composite electronic parts and their substrate patent, JP-H04120371-A: Concrete form fitted with ultrasonic vibrator patent, JP-H04122556-A: Following workpiece-to-be machined determining method in machining system patent, JP-H04134809-A: E-shaped core patent, JP-H0414006-A: Rear focus type zoom lens patent, JP-H04145886-A: Method and device for controlling speed of motor patent, JP-H04154567-A: Back-in-box type liquid container and its filling method patent, JP-H0417507-A: Apparatus for pulling power cable into conduit patent, JP-H04182467-A: Diarylmethoxypiperidine derivative patent, JP-H04185909-A: Shaft supporting device patent, JP-H04214761-A: Polyphenylene oxide-recycled polystyrene composition and its production patent, JP-H04226058-A: Heat transfer system patent, JP-H04230046-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H04233039-A: Data saving system patent, JP-H04252568-A: Picture processing unit patent, JP-H04261213-A: Nonlinear oscillation circuit for proximity switch patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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